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Medical & Spa Massage, Salt Bath Soak, Body Scrub, Foot Soak/Massage,Teeth Whitening, Laser Lipo Fat Loss, Far Infrared Sauna

In addition to Massage & Spa services, the center has a Lipo Laser Slim Line System. 

This system uses large surface paddles that harnesses cold LED laser light to reduce fat during the painless procedure. Technicians apply the FDA-approved light directly to the skin, forcing fat cells to release their water, glycerol, and fatty acids, just as they would during exercise. To further promote fat burning, a complimentary whole-body vibration session post-treatment is provided.  Now that the fat cells are open, you have an hour window of opportunity to perform cardio exercises that burn off the fat in the targeted area.  The Slim Line System has helped participants shed inches and fat, primarily from traditional problem areas like tummies and thighs. The Far Infra Red Sauna benefits include burning additional calories (up to 300-600 calories), increases your bodys immune system by increasing blood flow, relaxes you, helps relieve pain and more. Also offered are at the spa is cosmetic LED Advanced teeth-whitening’s, where technicians use LED light and hydrogen-peroxide gel to eliminate stains and brighten smiles.  

Renew, Relax & Restore with us! Your body will thank you!

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