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Far Infrared Sauna

Benefits of FIR vs Traditional Saunas:

Far Infrared rays are safe, but penetrate deeper (1.5” to 2” deeper) than the heat from a regular sauna.

In addition, infrared rays do not heat the air as much as the dry heat of a traditional sauna, allowing you to stay longer in the sauna with less discomfort and tendency to overheat.

As a result you release more toxins from fat cells, (which is where your body stores toxins) and burn more calories (up to 600 kcal/ 30 minute session).

• break down cellulite

• relieve joint and muscle pain and stiffness

• breathe comfortably since the air remains relatively cool

• weight loss

• detoxification 

• decreased joint inflammation and effects of arthritis

• increased extensibility of scar tissues

• decreased muscle spasm and post-exercise pain

• reduced acne breakouts • improved skin tone and appearance

• pain relief • increased blood flow • decreases edema and swelling

• decreased blood pressure

• improved cardiovascular conditioning

• faster healing from soft tissue injuries 


Renew, Relax & Restore with us! Your body will thank you!

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