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In addition to Massage, the center's Lipo Laser Slim Line System harnesses cold LED laser light to reduce fat during painless procedures. Technicians apply the FDA-approved light directly to the skin, forcing fat cells to release their water, glycerol, and fatty acids, just as they would during exercise. To further promote fat burning, Body Kneads' team encourages patients to attend a complimentary whole-body vibration session post-treatment and to perform cardio exercises. In addition to an exercise regimen, the Slim Line System has helped participants shed inches and fat, primarily from traditional problem areas like tummies and thighs.

After your first consultation visit your in office treatment time is approx 15 minutes 

2-3 short visits per week followed up by your own 30 minute cardio to burn off the available energy released from the fat cell into your lymphatic system.    

Faster results are achieved with plenty of daily water intake to flush out toxins and healthy food choices.

Far Infrared Sauna sessions may be added (30 min sessions discounted for Laser clients $25 vs $30) 

Use FIR Sauna to burn an additional 300-600 calories!

A discount Sauna Package is available 6 for $25 each vs $30

Over 300 bought

Six laser lipo sessions with six whole body vibration sessions and consultation

$279     REG $2,000 | Save $1,721

Most Popular/ Over 560 bought

Twelve laser lipo sessions with twelve whole body vibration sessions and consultation

$550     REG $3500 | Save $2,950



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Should you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment a 24 hour notice is required.  If you should fail to notify us, miss your appointment or arrive 15 minutes late (or more), you will be considered a “no show” and your session will be forfeited (loss of a prepaid session) as specific time slots have been reserved for you.

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