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Shan Dao Acupuncture

Meet Dr. Diane Russell,

Acupuncture Doctor of Chinese Medicine.  Practitioning Doctor of Shan Dao Acupuncture 

If you're experiencing pain or stress, you should check out acupuncture for your healing needs

Shan Dao Acupuncture is excited to treat your medical needs with alternative medicine

Shan Dao Acupuncture is dedicated to the health and wellness of everyone. The goal of the Shan Dao Acupuncture is to help patients achieve and maintain health, vitality and well-being. Acupuncture is a safe, natural, holistic health care system that works to activate the natural self-healing abilities of the body. It can also strengthen and support the body to prevent future illness and disease.

Some of the conditions that Acupuncture has helped are:

Neck / Back Pain

Depression / Anxiety




Menopause Symptoms


Sports Injuries


Weight Loss and Smoking Cessation Support


and much more


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